Ashton Farmers Market

Today was the last Sunday of the Month, which is Farmers Market day at Ashton-under-Lyne.

It took us a wee while to find out about Ashton Farmers Market.  Having trundled round some relatively far flung locations, it came as a shock that what may be the North West’s best farmers market is only 10 minutes drive away. 

VegetablesUntil we started growing ourselves, the main draw was often the vegetables (think romenescu caulis, new season’s fennel, fresh herbs and big purple carrots), but we seem to be pretty self sufficient in veg at the mo.  Other highlights from our perspectives include the Fitzpatrick’s cordials  (Fitzpatricks is Britain’s last original temperance bar in Rawtenstall), Ostrich and Game. 

spice stall ashton marketToday we came home with a punnet of damsons, some samphire, a couple of Wild Boar chops and a packet of faggots (we were sold on these after a free taster). 

One of the nice things about this market is how inclusive it is.  It’s right in the centre of an average Manchester satellite town, neighbouring a flea market surrounded by town centre shops.  The customers are a mixed bunch.  Farmers’ Markets for all – that’s what I say.

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