Oooh lots of food type activities this weekend – lots of local food and interesting ideas about sustainability and obesity. For now I’ll report on…

The Cheshire Smokehouse

It hadn’t occurred to me until I saw an episode of 10 mile menu on ITVplayer, after the lovely lady at Eat the Earth mentioned it, that The Cheshire Smokehouse was within 15 minutes of the farm shop we buy meat at from time to time.  It wasn’t until I checked out their website (link above) that I decided it might be worth a visit.

It is.

smoked foodsThese guys smoke food and specialise in it.  I opted for a smoked cheese, some smoked salmon and a couple of kippers.   Prices were deli prices (cheese at £14 per kilo and kippers at £7.75 per kilo, the salmon offcuts seemed like decent value at £8.85 per kilo). They also store a wide range of the usual deli suspects, veggies, bakery (I couldn’t resist a couple of raspberry slices), wine (nearly forgot to mention that, as a teetotler I’m pretty disinterested in the stuff) and some household goods.  The usual suspects include an olive bar, Tracklements preserves, BottleGreen drinks.  These may be more interesting than some other foods but are holding less interest as they rapidly become omnipresent.

Upstairs is a cafe, which seems to produce really good quality food very slowly.  I had the hot smoked salmon (served cold) with lettuce, radishes, potato and dressing.  It was very utterly delicious, with a good sized pot of super strong tea  (£11) in all.  Top tip, if you’re planning to shop and eat, pop upstairs and give your name, you can then shop while you’re waiting – and take a book or a good conversationalist for entertainment.

It clearly wins over fans; customers seemed to be return visitors known to the staff.

A word of warning, if you’re uncomfy with the BMW driving Cheshire set you might find it hard going.  Its terribly terribly nice, but nice with it.

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