Baby steps away from the supermarket

Bit by bit I’m trying to find user freindly alternatives to the supermarket, although the time spent at the allotment has taken a chunk out of the time I might otherwise have spent going to smaller shops.   The rump of goods that I’ve not yet found a handy alternative for are:

  • Cat food/milk (Pad Nog the Nog is tricky to feed due to his lack of teeth-not our fault you understand, we adopted him in this sad state of decrepitude)
  • Canned goods, like tinned tomatoes
  • Store cupboard groceries (or at least some of them) e.g. fast acting yeast, dried milk, vinegar and sugar

If anyone has any bright ideas on any of those counts (which don’t include me needing to be in for a delivery – I’m really not in that much) I’d love to hear them.

Until today, I’d have put (preferably Ecover) cleaning products and dairy on that list (minus milk) – but from this morning we’re trying out getting these sorts of goods from the milk man.  Seems like a good plan in principle, we get a pint of (organic!) milk 4 days a week, and on each day we also get either a small pot of cream, small pack of cheese, small pack of butter or pint of orange juice. We’ll see how it goes, but day 1 of us organising our milk (and more) order online seems to have gone smoothly.  All on the milk and more site which I’ve posted before.

As a bonus I actually met our usually nocturnal milk man today (better than meeting Father Christmas, particularly as  our milk man didn’t appear to be wearing any dubious looking fake facial hair)

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