you make your bread and dine with it

Bread before it becomes tasty (before it becomes dry and manky)

I’ve not got a lot of info about the energy efficiency of breadmakers vs. commercial bakers but at first google I was pleased to find that at least one web author reckons they’re not worse. I’m glad about that as undoubtedly, theres not much nicer than the smell of fresh bread in the morning, and you get much more control over what you get to put in your loaf if you make it yourself.

I was really sceptical as to whether we’d get light enough loaves from a bread maker and I spent far too much time online researching other people’s experiences. But we’re completely won over. We ‘ve been making pretty much all of our bread since we bought a bread maker second hand about a year ago. We get to stuff them with seeds and save on flour costs by buying whole sacks of organic wholemeal from Limited Resources, our local veg box and organics retailer (cut it with white if you want something that’s readily digestible though).


hey presto

Mind you, there are downsides, its only a matter of time til one of us dislocates our lower arm trying to shake the bread out of the cooking pan, and we’ve had the odd characterful loaf. Some are rock hard, others don’t like to mix, we’ve even had the odd loaf that attempts to stage a coup for control of the kitchen.

Ah well its time to get the machine going – fingers crossed that tomorrows effort has all the character of …er… of… a really nice loaf of bread.

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