Are vegetables vegan?


The mushroom must die: an over the top misrepresentation of the post's contents.

To get where I’m coming from out of the way first:  I am an omnivore, who was vegetarian (proper vegetarian none of this fish aren’t animals business) for about 20 years and vegan for much shorter periods.  So I’m not veggie or vegan, but I can relate.

While vegan I avoided many products that, while not animal in origin, were produced at the expense of animal life.  I’ve also concerned myself not only with the welfare of furry animals but also really the less cute ones.

I’m now growing veg.  Veg is good.  So far, we’ve managed to grow organically – using barriers where possible to avoid conflict with the local veg munching fauna.  We have however killed some slugs, caterpillars and the fate that befell the black fly can only be described as carnage.  So, even our animal friendly, organic, home grown veg has involved the death of a fair few critters.

Most veg is not home grown, organically, by folk who worry about animals.

So, are vegetables vegan?

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