Hygiene genie

I like getting badges!  It started with the brownie guides, carried on through umpteen years in extended education, but obviously this particular quirk of mine is not yet sated.  Today I completed an online course which should certify me to level 2 in food hygiene, thats the basic food hygiene qualification as it used to be known.  The odd bit is that I did it just for fun.

It was cool because, turns out there was stuff I didn’t know, it was quick and fun to do and cost about the same as a book.  There’s no harm in knowing how to avoid poisoning myself and others is there?  I now know the safe temperature for a fridge (below 5°C), the minimum core temperature for high risk cooked food (73°C) , the correct location for bug zappers (opposite external doors not above a food prep surface), the minimum height from the floor that food can be stored (18″) and lots more!

It does however, make me feel a tad ashamed of my domestic kitchen with its wooden work tops (bad idea) and ill fitting back door (with easy slug access).  I don’t think I’d realised how large a gap there is between domestic and commercial cooking. There’s no way that I could hope for a commercial standard kitchen with separate fridges and washing facilities.  But, I wonder, what constitutes ‘good practice’ for the home?

(… and can I get a certificate/badge if I find out?)

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