Aubergine vs slug. Breaking news.

Joy is round and purple!

A month ago I wrote off my first aubergine fruit as irretrievably munched by a slug. Today, to my great surprise, nestled like a sleeping cat against the rim of the planter, I found a fully grown aubergine. OK, so it has some slug damage but we can work around that. Such a lovely surprise!aubergine with slug damage

This is a really nice change, all previous experience with slugs has involved them taking the ‘we’ve started, so we’ll finish’ approach to plant destruction. Perhaps its down to the fact that the aubergine has been grown in a greenhouse (which is much easier to police for slugs). The culprit in question was discovered (he’d eaten so much he looked like Jabba the Slug) and put out of action.

Cheered by this I started wondering whether woman and slug could live in peace after all. But, thinking about it, the slug and I didn’t live in harmony once his cover had been blown and it wasn’t that harmonious beforehand either.

We have been using advanced slug killer outside.  Slug pellets are something which I’ve shied away from at the expense of pretty much every single plant that we tried planting in previous seasons (albeit in a small and dark back yard).  We have tried beer traps, egg shells, copper tape, nightly slug hunts and nematodes – nothing but nothing worked. Copper tape was the most successful, but obviously doesn’t work in open ground as slugs can get around underground. However these pellets do seem to be a major step forward and are OK’d by a major organic gardening charity and don’t affect vertibrates.  For a discussion see allotments uk.  Better conditions and some drier periods undoubtedly helped, but so has the slug killer.  I do hope that slug killer is as OK as I hope!

Anyway – we have an aubergine, all is well with the world!

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