Elephant garlic!

elephant and normal garlic So, in our usual enthusiasm to pull things up and eat them, it looks like we have missed a trick with the elephant garlic. The pic is of a normal pink garlic (yum) and a couple of our elephant garlic bulbs. We were a little disappointed that our elephant garlic wasn’t a little more, well, elephantine – although it was different alright, round and solid – no signs of the cloves we’d expected.

If we’d bothered to check before harvesting we’d have found out that the single clove we’d harvested would have been joined by garlicky compatriots next year and we’d have had something the size of a small planet. We do like our garlic, so a garlic the size of a small planet is perhaps more attractive to us than most folks. You dig and learn!

More on elephant garlic from the national vegetable society

Wondering what it tastes like?  Aparently elephant garlic is milder than garlic – I thought it tasted like, well, just like garlic in the casserole we made today

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