The OK Life

Adult life brings its disappointments:

  • £100, it turns out, is not a fortune.
  • Going to bed at any time you like, means going to bed at a sensible time unless you want to feel like the living dead.
  • You don’t have space for a self-sufficient small holding in an average suburban garden.

I doubt I’m the only British 40-something year old who watched The Good Life as a child and thought it was not only funny but also a blooming good idea.

Having been rewatching the first couple of series a quarter of a century later my sensibilities have shifted a little (yeah, only a little). I see now, that there wasn’t enough space, the pigs in particular had the fictional existence of a sardine.

I know this thanks to the glut of self-sufficiency and Downshifting books and websites that have become available in the last few years (I should review a few sometime). All of which contain advice which seems to be fine as long as you have a lot of time and space at your disposal.  Which gets me to my, albeit downbeat, thought for the day.  Can you downshift if you don’t have capital? No Good life for the most of us perhaps.  But at least we can make the best of what we have… time to embrace the OK Life?

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4 Responses to The OK Life

  1. interesting questions.. surely theres a happy medium somewhere in between ok and good? 🙂

    • Hmmm… The-a-lot-better-than-it would-be-otherwise?
      Not very catchy though!

      OK’s not to be sneezed at though – I’m not sure that what most of us do most of the time, in rolling up to a supermarket to buy internationally shipped food in layer upon layer of plastic is OK at all.

  2. kate says:

    S’funny, despite not growing up in this country I also saw ‘The good life’ and I also yearned for the same. Now as a 40-ish trying to be a self-sufficientish-downsizer I can also see the flaws in the original story line.
    We have a biggish small garden with veg and hens and aspirations the size of a large small holding and yes you are correct, to downsize and to attempt some way to going offgrid does mean laying out a small fortune.
    But, we try, we grow veg and we compost yadda yadda and we dream!

    • Ohhh… Hens! I’m so jealous Kate! I’ve checked and double checked, but I don’t think we even have space for a couple of bantams in our back yard (modified 2 up 2 down terrace).
      Going off grid feels like aiming for the moon, but, getting part way there can still be feel nice.

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