Meanwhile in the Bokashi Bin…

The bin arrived sharpish, together with somewhat surprising instructions. Turns out Bokashi Bins don’t do teabags!  However as the plan is to do the Bokashi bin thing then compost the results, I reckon what one set of bugs don’t get the other will.  The other first impression was that the ‘pleasant’ smelling bran wasn’t.  If you’ve ever been near an industrial heap of fertiliser pellets you’ll have a sense of what was involved.

However once the initial pong had drifted off its perfectly fine.  Less stinky I’d say than bins can get in the heat of summer.  Its down to it being air tight I guess.  That said I don’t think its for the squeamish – if you can’t tolerate a load of mould you’re not going to like this.  The contents of the bin look like something out of Quatermass II. 

View the pic if you dare.  We have pulled off a small bottle of red liquid to water down as a fertliser. 

bokashi bin mould

To be continued…

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