Unusual jam for the WI?

Faffing around online instead of getting on with what I should have been doing today I found out that Pam Corbin (she who wrote my favourite preserves bible) has a bit of a blog going on.  So I had to check it out and was intrigued to see her report that there’s going to be a Jam Festival this autumn organised by the WI (who else?).

The good bit, is that anyone can join in including us non-members of the WI.  The deal is £4 to enter and send in your pot.  There’s a number of categories, including WI members’ jam, jam by a man, soft fruit, stoned fruit… and …here’s my favourite unusual jam.

As this appeals to my love of the obscure, this is a challenge I might actually take on! I got to thinking about how unnusual a jam has to be before it’s trully unnusual. It turns out that real novelty might be hard to achieve.  If you can imagine it, there’ll be a recipe online for it.  Here are links to:

I haven’t tried any of these yet – but may well have to – unless I can find something more interesting.  Anyone for marmite and grapefruit jelly?

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