How to deshellitate an egg

His Nibs and I generally live in a state of mutual respect and harmony.  Marital bliss becomes mutual derision when it comes to boiled eggs.  The source of conflict?  How to gain access to the tasty inner of the ovoid. 

Now I don’t want to be biased – so lets call these two methods Method A and Method B and describe them objectively. 

Right, Method A involves a spoon.  You repeatedly bash the top quarter of the shell of the egg so that its thoroughly mangled.  Then with your blunt spoon (blunt, of course,  because its a spoon and not a knife) you try and lever off the shell smithereens.  This may well involve also lifting off some white and may have to involve considerable use of fingers.  The process takes around 30 seconds.  At the end of this you then chop into the naked dome of egg with your spoon, leaving bits of shell in fiddly fragments to get everywhere.  You may not be able to justify any of this.

bash the egg

cutting into bashed egg


Method B:   with a knife chop off the top of the egg and scoop out any contents with your spoon.  Takes about 6 seconds.  No bits or use of fingers and the yolk is less likely to have gone solid cooking in its own heat as you faff about.

chopped eggcutting top of egg straight offI think that was prety darned neutral!

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2 Responses to How to deshellitate an egg

  1. His Nibs says:

    Ah yes. My other half’s Lilliputian obsession with how eggs should be eaten! While ‘Method B’ may be the quickest way to get an egg down the gullet, that is not the same as being the best way.

    I like to consider the egg before me. I anticipate how it’s going to taste. Is the yolk going to be runny? Will the white be set? Then when I’m ready I set about it with my spoon.

    Far from being an inefficient way of gaining access to the tasty treat within, it’s a useful way of gauging the coolness of the egg. If it’s too hot then the extra time taken to de-shell it allows the egg to cool to the perfect eating temperature.

    Additionally, there’s the pleasure of peeling the eggshell off, akin to pulling off huge strips of wallpaper. As bits get removed, the pristine whiteness of the contents gradually gets revealed, like a jigsaw in reverse. Anticipation builds as more and more of the top comes into view.

    Finally the dome of the egg is revealed in it’s glory, ready to be dug into. Contrast with the quick slice of the top, quickly scooped out and discarded without a thought. Pity the poor egg-slicer!

    Of course, the yolk might have hardened in the extra 30 seconds Method A takes. Then again, it’s possible that the extra couple of minutes in the pan whilst the cook is distracted with the fancy new egg timer might also have had something to do with it.

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