Buying fruiting plants

I’ve always been inclined to thinking that buying plants that ready for harvest is missing the point of growing your own, by definition.  Today I bought a couple currant bushes, a quince and a lemon all of which have fruit (although only on the currants were the fruit mature).  Today it didn’t feel like cheating, it felt like buying plants late in the season that I reckoned would be really good bets for fruiting next year.  But am I delluding myself? Is this the start of the slippery slope which leads to me gaffer taping shop bought tomatoes to my disappointing tomato plants for show?  Either way but it was nice to be able use some currants in a mixed fruit cordial that is currently drip draining overnight – the squirrels outfoxed us as far as ours went this year.


fruit+label=lazy! don't pay attention to the laptop or blogging book - which I must read at some point!

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