I wasted food (quite a bit)

His Nibs was away, I was being lazy. But worse still, I’ve not got the hang of vegetables being ready when they choose to be ready, rather than when I want them to be ready.   I didn’t use a bunch of veg, they went bad, I had to compost them.

No matter what your eating habits are you, chances are you’ll need some sort of system to avoid waste.  When I was single, I used to do big cooks and freeze meals for speedy solo eating.   Now His Nibs is here, we tend to cook from fresh most days.  The system that has worked til now has been our food book.  We’ve taken one page to list the meals we’re going to have (and where any relevant recipe for the meal is) on the opposite page we list the shopping we need to be able to cook them.  It has served us well – but it doesn’t really deal with mega harvests.  With mega harvests, you bring home what has been produced not what you need.  I’ve been making chutney and the like – but I’ve not quite got the hang of keeping up with it.  I’d love to know whether there’s a good system.

food book

our beloved food book! how do you organise your food week when the food just arrives of its own accord?

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