Who is the genius who discovered that beetroot and chocolate go so well together?

Perhaps the best cake I have ever baked was the result of a recipe I found online for Beetroot Chocolate Fudge Cake after watching an episode of Cook Yourself Thin.  I skipped the topping (as I’d already spent hours and several tonnes of chocolate on the cake and thought it was probably going to be quite chocolatey enough), choosing instead to just dust the cake with icing sugar and whack on some fresh berries.  The upside (apart from it not being too much and the contrast of the tartness of berries) was that the cake was fit for freezing and it was so delicicious that we made it last 6 months, with a single slice being defrosted and shared between us when we wanted a real treat.

It was however, the most expensive and (save for major cake decorating projects) the most involved cake that I’d done and it’s not the sort of thing you might consider lightly as a way of using up excess beetroot.  Step forward, then, the chocolate and beetroot brownie (baked today for the first time).  Like the fudge cake this recipe makes the most of the colour and moist texture of beetroot to produce something which just melts in your mouth, but with fewer expensive ingredients and a fraction of the effort.  I can hardly express the pleasure!

I found the recipe on the web page of Riverford Organic who list some decent veg recipes.  They reckon the inclusion of the beetroot makes it guilt free.  I’m not so sure – it does contain 1/2lb of chocolate and nearly 1/2lb each of butter and sugar!

Blimmin gorgeous though. If I cut it into small slices…

beetroot and choc brownie

Beetroot and chocolate brownie - small slice (not GM tayberry)

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