Neither strawberry nor spinach

We’ve been trying out some new stuff on the allotment.

strawberry spinach

looks like weeds?

One of the more unusual foodstuffs we’ve been trying out is strawberry spinach, aka strawberry sticks.  This plant showed great promise;  how exciting is the combination of spinach-like leaves and small red fruits akin to a wild strawberry?

I’m sharing experiences and pics as I found it quite hard to find out anything about it when I saw it listed in the seed catalogue.

Strawberry spinach fruit

looks tasty?

We started off our strawberry spinach in a window sill in April in compost.  Acclimatised and planted out in the way we had with most of our veg.  We now have a row of sprawling plants about 8 inches high which has caused some head scratching down the allotment.  Weeds?  Looks a bit like fat hen but is planted rather too neatly.

Nah, not weeds.  Worse than weeds!  You don’t lovingly care for weeds in anticipation of treats to come.  I guess they’ll have to go since neither the leaves nor fruits are tasty.  The leaves (which I’ve not tried cooking, admittedly) have hardly any flavour, in contrast with fat hen which we’ve been growing unintentionally without any effort, and enjoying the leaves as a spinach substitute.   The fruit has all the charm of an unripe blackberry eaten by someone who’s taste buds have gone on strike. I’m not saying don’t try it, trying new stuff is good (generally).  Just don’t get up any hopes of  of improving on the aesthetics of a weed or getting anything good to eat.

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