Favourite marrow ideas

Tried and approved:

  • Stuffed marrow – My mum used to scoop out the full length and stuff with mince mix so that rings could be cut off (which we loved as kids, but it was a bit of a palarver), I’m lazier and cut the marrow in half, then fill the marrow longboats with a mince and carby mix (e.g flavoursome mince and millet) before grating cheese over the top and baking.
  • Seasonal Chutney aka Glutney (see River Cottage preserves)
  • Marrow and ginger chutney
  • Ratatouille – use the marrow in place of courgette and add peppers, onions and tomatoes (ideally aubergine too, but if a slug has had them…)
  • Food Urchin‘s blog directed me to Anthony Worral Thompson doubly marrowtastic marrowfest Chorizo, pepper and couscous stuffed marrow and rosemary marrow.  Both were good (the roast rosemary marrow was particularly neat), not sure I’d want them together though!
  • Marrow Jam (made this tonight, I didn’t get a good set but I don’t mind my jam a wee bit on the runny side.  Other people seem to have had this problem, in my case my lemons weren’t very pippy and I had to substitute about 300g of granulated sugar as I ran out of the preserving sugar, so the whole mix was down on pectin) tastes of the ginger with a hint of lemon rather than marrow and is good, but used nearly 2 marrows up!  Result!

As yet untried:

  • Slicing and salting marrow overnight to firm it up and to use as an alternative to pasta sheets
  • Spicy marrow soup
  • Marrow champ
  • Marrow curry
  • Marrow cream (aparently a healthier alternative to lemon curd!)
  • Baby marrow chips!
  • Marrow cake (this seems to be the same thing as courgette cake which I have made and had recipe requests for as it is so moist, light and tasty, watch this space – I’ll update when I’ve tried it)

Other top tips

  • Grow less
  • Pick ’em small
  • Greet everyone (I mean everyone) with ‘Hi! Do you like marrows?’
marrow jam

marrow jam!

cat with marrow

Pad is unimpressed with the new rations

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