Step back in time

In Stockport of the 1930s hat making was still big business and a  fancy new cinema had opened not far from the start point of the Mersey.  The cinema itself was hollowed out of a town centre cliff.  If you wanted to take your tea, the chic place to do so was in the cinema’s first floor cafe where cake would be served by uniformed waitresses. 

If you want to take tea in 2010 you can do the same thing. The Plaza, having benefitted from a major refurbishment is now pretty much as it was then, with a few modern conveniences like a lift.  The cafe is not only restored to its former glory, but the offering has also been presented with care.  The range of cake is considerable, many of the ingredients are locally sourced.  Attention is paid to details like loose tea leaves and a soundscape of 1930s tunes.  Staff, in their timeless black and white uniforms are clearly proud of what has been achieved.  Go.  Its good quality, unique and deserves your support and admiration.

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